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Giant ultra-portable travel shelters

Giant ultra-portable travel shelters

The Buffalo Tent is a state-of-the-art shelter inspired by the structural design that has served nomadic people well for thousands of years—a triangular pyramid-like dwelling. Think tipi (sometimes called a tepee), yurt, or lesser-known shelters like the Scandinavian goahti.

The Buffalo Tent is a shelter, sanctuary, chill-out space… whatever you bring to it.

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Ponchos are here!

Ponchos are here!

Introducing the Alien Buffalo Poncho Collection 2017. Click the button below to learn more. 

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  • Humongous, yet ultra-portable.

    Thanks to advanced materials like carbon fiber and ripstop nylon the Buffalo Tent weighs only 47 pounds, making it very easy to transport, unload, and position on site.

  • This is one strong shelter.

    Carbon fiber telescopic legs mean the Buffalo tent is very strong and no center pole is needed. In the large tent, you can hang a swing, a light, gear or anything you can think of up to 200 lbs. 

  • Are you tripping??

    Nope! Not with the NO trip design of The Buffalo Tent. No guide wires extending off the tent are needed, just the stakes at the base of the tent. 


Is The Buffalo Tent waterproof?

Yes, both the Buffalo Tent and Buffalo Tent Mini are fully seam sealed and waterproof. 

How does it handle high winds?

Amazingly well. Thanks to it's shape and strength it deflects the wind instead of absorb it. We have tested it up to 100 mph winds with no problems. 

What AC can I use?

The (large) Buffalo Tent has AC ports designed for portable dual or single hose AC units. We recommend AC unites rated for 12,000 BTU or greater. 

How many can sleep in the large Buffalo Tent?

Technically you can sleep up to 14 people, but we recommend that 2-4 live like royalty instead. 

Do you offer shipping worldwide?

We do offer international shipping to most locations via UPS. If UPS ships there so do we. Add a product to the cart and enter your shipping address at checkout to check if we serve your specific location. 

About Alien Buffalo

A thirst for peak experiences, new adventures, time well spent at gatherings of like-minded souls have created a need for a style of camping that’s not backpacking and not RV camping – something new.

It’s our goal to take modern materials, design inference, manufacturing techniques and create the world’s best camping equipment.