How do I setup the tent?

The Buffalo Tent is straightforward to set up. Please refer to the setup guide included with your tent.

How do I take down the tent?

The Buffalo Tent is straightforward to strike. Please refer to the setup guide included with your tent.

How do I know if the tent legs are fully extended?

The legs are fully extended when the quarter inch pin holes are fully visible below the clamps.

How do I prevent the tent legs from slipping during use?

The legs will not slip unless a large load is suspended from the frame.

How do I attach something to the ring on the inside? It’s so high!

The eye bolt is 9”3’ from the ground. The recommended method of attachment is to use a suitable ladder while attaching your accessory to the eyebolt.

I broke a tent leg while camping! What can I do?

The best option is to completely replace the leg. If this is not possible, it is recommended to “splint” the leg with a tube that the broken leg snugly fits in. leg “splints” are available on our website.

How long does it take to setup?

With 2 people The Buffalo Tent should set up in 5-10 minutes, including staking the frame and sides.

Can one person set the tent up?

The minimum recommended number of people for setup is 2.

How long does it take to ship a tent once it has been ordered?

Shipping to the US is typically within 7-8 business days, but currently due to the holidays ships between 6-8 weeks. Alien Buffalo Designs does its best to deliver tents in a timely manner. Due to the careful production of our tents, sometimes we run out of stock and it will take longer than this.

How do I clean the tent?

You can hose the interior and exterior with water, just make sure the tent is fully dry before storing it.

How do I remove the tent fabric from the frame?

The tent is attached to the frame with a combination of velcro straps and hardware. To remove the tent from the frame, start by removing the eyebolt and hub hardware, unlock the snapper pins at the feet and remove them from the bottom of the poles, finally unto the velcro straps. At this point the tent will be unattached from the frame.

Can I use the frame without the tent?

Absolutely! The frame can be used with other products to make shade structures.

How do I store the tent back in the bag?

The frame should be closed and rolled into the tent. This can then be stuffed into the bag.

If I choose to add an AC unit, what specs should it have?

We recommend that the AC unit have minimum 12,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. AC units work the best when paired with the reflective coated tent or fly.

Additionally either a small window unit like the 2 LG links below or for best performance any 14,000 BTU dual hose unit.

The AC opening measures about 20″x18″


How do I duct the AC out the vent hole?

There are two types of AC units that are compatible with The Bear, wall mounted and rolling floor AC units. A wall mounted AC unit should be fit into the AC vent flap so that there are no obstructions over the air inlets and outlets of the air conditioner. The ducts from a roller AC unit should be run out of the vent flap and the flap snuggly Velcroed around them to minimize air exchange.

How much weight does it support in the center?

The Buffalo Tent is rated for a hanging load of 150 lbs.

How often do I need to clean the tent?

This will vary depending on amount and level of use.

Why is the fabric on the tent flappy when I extended all the legs?

There are a couple of options, the legs are not fully extended, the center points of the sides are not staked, or the area that the tent was set up in is not large enough to accommodate the floor area.

How can I set up the tent on uneven surfaces?

Given a large enough area, The Buffalo Tent will set up on uneven ground. Sometimes a little help is needed. Using the small leg extension assists the user in situations where space is constrained and the ground uneven.

Uneven surfaces cause the tent to be less tight, why?

Uneven surfaces may cause the legs to not pivot to a fully open position. This causes the fabric to not tension properly. Try shaking the legs while pulling them out to see if the frame can be more fully opened (See the instruction manual).